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User Tips

Tips Listing Items on FarmOverstock:

  • Use clear pictures that show your item
  • Use specific tag words in the “tags” section that will help people find your item. Specific breeds and types of animals help.
  • It isn’t necessary that your address is shown but our geographical searches will cue on counties and cities. This broadens a search for someone beyond their city, alone.

Finding Items on FarmOverstock:

  • Once a category is chosen, refine your search by using country, county, city or zip code and adjust miles.
  • Search neighboring counties.
  • If you’re adventurous, use “state” searches.
  • Use tag words when you list that might help you find what you are looking for.

Tips Listing Farmers Market Business Ads:

Businesses that produce, sell or provide services for farm & garden may advertise their business in the Farmers Market category FREE. For a proper, effective listing:

  • Include your business logo as your listing image.
  • Include your website name, URL, and other business contact information.
  • Include a nice description of what your business is all about in the Description section. Be creative! This is your time to shine.

PLEASE NOTE: This category is set aside for business listings, not individual item listings. All ads submitted incorrectly will be removed.

Ready to get started? Simply POST AN AD on Home Page and choose the Farmers Market category.

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